Who We Are?

ABout Us

The  story of Green Thumb Outdoor Services started with one person. Our president and CEO, Marco Chavarria, who envisioned his future. He wanted to create something he could represent and stand for. Marco has spent over seventeen years in both landscaping and plant vegetation experience. His passion in creating something out of nothing, his creative ability to take a client’s ideas and wishes and bringing them to life, is what excites him and pushes him to become better everyday. This same values are seen from the CEO to each individual on the field, working to enhance the beauty of the nature in your home.

Our Mission

We understand our company has an important role to play within our industry to protect and enhance the environment for the future generations and help secure the long-term sustainability of the landscape industry. 

Part of our mission is to provide our clients with solutions to their specific needs in order to create outdoor spaces that are attractive, creative, and sustainable. To be a resourceful company that will deliver every day an outdoor experience out of this world.

Our Core Values

Passion, trust, integrity. We conduct ourselves with these three principle ideals that reflect our company both on and off each site.

  • Passion: is our commitment to engage, energize and inspire others and ourselves.
  • Trust: not only a commitment but a way to live an authentic life with honesty and sincerity in all aspects.
  • Integrity: It is our duty to commit to higher standards, to lead with principles and expect the the very best from everyone on the field. Providing the best results four our clients.